About Bottom Line

My name is Lowell M. Smith. I am an award-winning sales and marketing consultant with a proven track record in developing successful sales and marketing programs with the ultimate goal of expanding your company’s bottom line.

I have success in training sales professionals on proven methodologies and enabling them to exceed their quotas. I am a multiple President’s Club achiever and my teams have consistently over-achieved their quotas and broke company records. My goal is to help you create a proven sales process that will enable you to continue to grow your company with predictability and scalability.

Does This Sound Like You?

I do not have a documented process for how we sell our product/service.

If you’re like most executives I work with, you are wearing many hats and simply do not have the time to create a sales playbook for your team. Often, executives end up with “pieces” of the sales process but not a complete manual for their team to use. I will create a customized Sales Playbook for your team to use so they can focus on the right prospect and the right activities.

My team is asking for sales training.

Training and coaching can do wonders for a sales professional. But most executives do have have the time or expertise to train their team on sales topics. I’ll train your team on a proven sales methodology so your team can worry less about “what to do” and more on “closing deals.”

We need a CRM or our current one is not working for us.

Sales professionals understand the advantage of using a CRM but if it is not set-up correctly, they will avoid using it and you will lose valuable prospect data. I will set-up and customize your CRM so it helps your team close more deals and gives you the data needed to run your business.


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